The concept

The MES-CoBraD Platform is a dynamic multidimensional modular platform.



The MES-CoBraD Platform offers an embedded, smart, and robust health awareness layer, able to improve diagnostic accuracy and therapeutic outcomes for people suffering from Complex Brain Disorders (CoBraD). The MES-CoBraD Platform will serve as a stand-alone platform, but also have the potential for interoperability with out-of-consortium packages and platforms, including Artificial Intelligence packages and Electronic Medical Record platforms.

The MES-CoBraD Platform has the capability to concentrate on multiple modalities (sources and formats) of real-world clinical and consumer technology data as well as their metadata which can be securely stored and integrated.

The MES-CoBraD Platform is able to come across multiple modalities of CoBraD and their comorbidities (syndromic phenotypes; horizontal dimension) and is flexible enough to have existing built-in and to-be-developed data analytics and artificial intelligence and Expert Systems modules (Advanced Analytics).

The dynamic features of the MES-CoBraD Expert System will make it updateable through loops of internal and external cross-validation analyses according to the platform’s constantly advanced analytic tools, and supervised expert-user input. This framework will serve in developing the MES-CoBraD into a platform that is both comprehensive in assessing RWD according to precision medicine goals, but also guides targeted RWD input according to personalised medicine goals. The MES-CoBraD information of the platform can be used by researchers in examining novel impactful avenues that improve the assessment and management of CoBraD.

The MES-CoBraD Platform will be customised by the users (individual scientists and clinicians, as well as healthcare, government, and pharmaceutical entities) according to their needs, and making use of open standards, as well as contributing to open-source repositories whenever possible, while being able to interact with the services and functions of the proposed solution in an intuitive and user-friendly way. This MES-CoBraD Platform will be kept informed at any time from the daily clinical practice across the resource settings and diverse populations.

The MES-CoBraD platform promotes and empowers efforts that harmonise and integrate RWD from a variety of CoBraD projects performed by experts from around the world, by maximising individual researcher impact through collaborative value creation and Open Science practices, including secure data sharing and sharing of global expertise that is otherwise unavailable in any a single institution.