WEBINAR: Real-World Data in Medical Research: Harnessing their Potential and Addressing Challenges with MES-CoBraD, RE-SAMPLE, and RETENTION

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On November 20th, 13:30 CET, the MES-CoBraD project will participate in a webinar with fellow HORIZON projects RE-SAMPLE and RETENTION. Register here! The session will delve into the potential of Real-World Data (RWD) in advancing medical research and healthcare. Expert speakers from each of the three projects will illustrate how their efforts utilise RWD to tackle complex medical challenges, contributing to a digital transformation in healthcare delivery. In particular, talks will focus on acquiring, analysing, and applying RWD within their respective projects, as well as addressing the challenges of collecting, anonymizing, harmonizing, and combining data.


MES-CoBraD will use this event to demonstrate our approach to recruiting and collecting data. They will also share strategies for using, reusing, extending, and expanding RWD within and beyond the current scope of the platform, while addressing privacy concerns, data management, and participant recruitment.


RETNTION will look at sharing of data/models will be explored, with a focus on data harmonization, interoperability, and the re-usability of the final solution, in the context of chronic heart failure. While RE-SAMPLE will present how issues have been overcome in their project when dealing with GDPR and anonymisation to realise the potential of RWD.


The webinar is designed to show how innovative uses of RWD is paving the way new frontiers of healthcare. You will have the chance to understand how each project has approached this issue as they share knowledge with each other and the audience. There will be opportunity for the audience to ask questions and share their perspectives.


This event is the second in a series of webinars from MES-CoBraD, RE-SAMPLE, and RETENTION. To watch the first event, which served as an introduction to the three projects and outlines their overlapping aspects, follow this link.


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