MES-CoBraD presented in the 34th Hellenic Neurological Society meeting

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Elissaios Karageorgiou, MD PhD, scientific director of the MES-CoBraD project, presented our progress on the first integrated version of the MES-CoBraD Platform last Saturday at the 34th Hellenic Neurological Society meeting. In two years, we have developed functional modules of a metadata manager, data lake, advanced analytics, and workflow manager. At the same time anonymized and depersonalized real-world data of structured history, neuropsychological testing, actigraphy, sleep diaries, imaging, polysomnography with concurrent electroencephalography, and sleep-mediated biofluid and cognitive testing have been prospectively acquired from 330 people with CoBraD of neurocognitive, sleep, and epilepsy disorders, and are combined with retrospective data, leading to a total of 550 participants. Next innovative steps are to enrich the Platform’s knowledge base, and integrating and harmonizing information from wearable data, while starting to pursue the first analyses on the combined dataset. Exciting times!


The presentation is available for download here.