MES-CoBraD 5th Project Meeting, Palermo, Italy

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The MES-CoBraD consortium gathered in Palermo, Italy, on the 22nd and 23rd May 2023, to review the project and plan for upcoming actions and activities in the project’s final year.


We began with an administrative review of general project activities gives a top-down overview of all project activities and how they are progressing. The discussion then focused on the status of the platform and how the testing phase is progressing. The group worked specifically on details of the platform, ironing out issues, using the chance to meet in person. Conversation took place between medical and technical partners to ensure the platform’s development is realised in line with the usage.


Project Coordinator, Christos Ntanos (NTUA), had this to say about the meeting:

“Our MES-CoBraD project meetings, such as this one hosted by Engineering in Palermo, Sicily, showcase the powerful synergy of our consortium, dedicated to transforming the way we diagnose and treat brain disorders. It's inspiring to witness how our collective expertise and relentless pursuit of innovation are driving advancements in neurology research and patient outcomes. Through the integration of cutting-edge digital technologies and Real-World Data, we're poised to help evolve the landscape of healthcare, enhancing our understanding and treatment of complex neurological conditions.”


On the second day of the project the group conducted a role-play activity to work through the patient doctor interaction, while utilising the MES-CoBraD platform. This activity demonstrated how the work of the project will play out in a medical setting.

With these meetings all the partners can drive the project forward and plan for the coming months. The consortium will meet in-person again later this year in autumn! A special thanks to project partner ENGINEERING for organising the meeting and being hospitable during our stay in Palermo.