MES-CoBraD 2nd Project Meeting live in Bucharest Romania

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The MES-CoBraD project completed its first year with a project meeting in Bucharest, Romania. After more than a year and a half, the project partners are meeting face to face to discuss the project.


Yesterday, April 5th, our partners shared their progress and experiences so far, reviewed the technical aspects of this promising and demanding project, and set the course for the second project year to come!

The importance of Prospective Real-World Data Acquisition is the main theme today and the project’s scientific progress status is presented. Our scientific partners will participate in a workshop where all the different scientific workgroups will present their work and progress so far.

As we move into the next phase of the project, the MES-CoBraD platform will begin to be implemented. In the next year we will have more updates on the project’s outputs and how this will affect the diagnosis and treatment of complex brain disorders.


Dr Christos Ntanos, the MES-CoBraD Project Coordinator from the Decision Support Systems Laboratory, National Technical University of Athens commented the following for the progress of our 2nd Project meeting.


As the MES-CoBraD project enters its second year, we are affirming our shift from theory and planning to implementation and practice. We are looking ahead with excitement for the work ahead of us, and for pushing for meaningful preliminary tangible results across all objectives we have set out to achieve.


Dr Elissaios Karageorgiou, our project’s Scientific Coordinator from the Neurological Institute of Athens, also commented on the ongoing project meeting.


Steady progress presented across partners at the 2nd Progress Meeting and constructive discussions held in accelerating achievement of objectives and addressing questions and hurdles.

We would like to thank project partner SIMAVI for hosting this project meeting! We look forward to meeting again in September for our third annual meeting.