MES-CoBraD Horizon 2020 project Started – Kickoff meeting

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Mes-CoBraD is an interdisciplinary project combining Real-World Data (RWD) from multiple clinical and consumer sources through comprehensive, cost-efficient, and fast protocols towards improving diagnostic accuracy and therapeutic outcomes in people with Complex Brain Disorders (CoBraD), as reflected in Neurocognitive (Dementia), Sleep, and Seizure (Epilepsy) disorders and their interdependence. MES-CoBraD’s Kickoff Meeting was successfully remotely organised via Teams, on the 13th of April 2021. Participants had the opportunity to remotely meet with each other, overview the project’s expectations and discuss the challenges of the forthcoming tasks. In total 45 people from 9 countries attended the meeting. The event featured a number of insightful presentations by highly qualified experts setting the tone for the actions that will follow during the coming months, as well as the strategic planning for the duration of the project.