Real-World Data Webinar – watch again!

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On 20/11/23, the MES-CoBraD project partnered RETENTION and RE-SAMPLE for a second online event – view the first event here. RETENTION and Re-SAMPLE are both HORIZEON2020 projects from the same funding stream as MES-CoBraD. The three projects all tackle medical issues with the innovative use of real-world data. In the webinar, representatives from each project highlight potential of Real-World Data (RWD) in advancing medical research and healthcare. The projects demonstrate how their efforts utilise RWD to tackle complex medical challenges, contributing to a digital transformation in healthcare delivery. The taks focus on acquiring, analysing, and applying RWD within their respective projects, as well as addressing the challenges of collecting, anonymizing, harmonizing, and combining data.

The event introduced the MES-CoBraD platform and demonstrated its potential for three key stakeholder groups: clinicians, researchers, and patients. This user angle highlights the capabilities of MES-CoBraD and the potential of this new tool designed to support clinical practice and research.

Below you can find the session in full: